EA clarifies rumored KOTOR sequel and new MMO title from Bioware

Logo of Electronic Arts - Image 1Electronic Arts apologized for the misunderstanding brought about by the rumors from yesterday’s list of games that were supposedly in production from BioWare. EA recently released a statement to Shacknews which clarified the slide showing the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and new MMO title from BioWare. Find out what EA had to say in the full article.

Games listing revealed during Electronics Arts Analyst Meeting - Image 1 

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the rumored sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the new MMO game from Bioware revealed yesterday, Electronic Arts has recently released a statement explaining the report of the list of games that were supposedly in production which they revealed during the EA Analyst Meeting.

The slide that was revealed by John Riccitiello suggested that a future KOTOR title, as well as new Black projects from Criterion Games, were under production at the EA-owned studios.

However, EA explained their stand after talking with Shacknews regarding the matter. EA was quoted saying:

The slide in John’s presentation is titled ‘Best Creative Talent’–it addresses future and past titles. KOTOR, Black, Boogie, Skate and some other titles on the slide speak to past portfolio releases and the pedigree of the studio but do not specifically address future sequels.

While no comments regarding the details of new MMO title from Bioware, EA did confirm that it was under development at Bioware Austin. EA’s finished its statement by apologizing for any misunderstanding brought about by yesterday’s report.

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