EA reveals new features in NCAA Football 09

Football helmet - Image 1Trying to freshen up each year’s installment of a long-running sports franchise is no mean feat, but EA Sports seems to have pulled out all the stops in its creative think tank to come up with a bevy of ideas to reinvent NCAA Football 09 (PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DS). The full list of new features can be viewed after the jump.

EA Sports logo - Image 1EA Sports has just posted an update on their site giving details about the new features on upcoming release NCAA Football 09 (PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DS). Giving a sports franchise a fresh look every year isn’t easy, but the devs seem to have put all their ideas together to come up with a hefty bunch.

Every week, EA Sports intends to highlight each of the new features. We’re expecting a wave of videos and screenshots to come rushing in once the game’s promotion starts in earnest, and we’re looking forward to sharing and analyzing them with you.

In any case, here are NCAA Football 09‘s list of new features classified as per EA Sports’ themes of changes:

It’s Wide Open

  • Bigger holes, cutback lanes, and open receivers, making the game feel more wide open than ever before
  • Directional pump fake on the R stick
  • New college specific tackling engine

Home of the 12th Man and Home Field Advantage with new mini-game components

  • Pre-play confusion and difficulty making adjustments when on the road against tough teams
  • All new toughest places to play with dynamic rankings

All-new Mascot Mode with User Controlled Celebrations

  • Mascot Games
  • Interactive TD celebrations

College Atmosphere & Pageantry

  • All-new Dynamic Crowd System
  • College sidelines are packed with additional players, mascots, cheerleaders, and more
  • All-new authentic fields with new textures, lighting, and field degradation
  • New college player models, including more than 50 alternate uniforms
  • User Customizable Stadium Sounds & Music
  • Breakaway crowd reactions

Depth & Innovation

  • Online Dynasty is here!!!
  • Roster file sharing online
  • Improved recruiting system in Dynasty mode highlighting ease and accessibility
  • New post game presentation and play by play commentary
  • 1-4 player offline co-op
  • Return missed field goals
  • Bluff your play art to confuse opponents
  • Formation audibles
  • Smart routes
  • Bobble catches
  • Better passing control
  • Post play continuation
  • All-New Mini Games
  • Random play selection in practice mode

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