Early Rock Band kits experience issues, to be fixed on launch date

Rock Band logo - Image 1Despite Harmonix‘s warnings not to buy Rock Band (for the PS2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) bundles that break the November 20 street date, people still went ahead and got themselves their own kits and ended up paying for it (well, other than the cash they handed out). Several of the kits that were sold before launch had control problems, mostly with the guitars. Read on to find out more.

Rock Band - Image 1Remember the previous article about Harmonix warning people off from buying Rock Band kits that break the official November 20 street date? It looks like people who went ahead and bought their kits early anyway are now having problems with their Rock Band (for the PS2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) bundles, particularly the Stratocaster.

Several people who received/bought their Rock Band sets early experienced issues with their guitars, from downstrum problems to doubling strums. At this point, many conspiracy theories have been thrown about by Rock Band gamers, with some saying that Harmonix devs have rigged the Stratocasters on purpose, so it won’t work properly until they release a patch that will fix it on the launch date.

For those who got their Rock Band kits early and are receiving the same guitar problems, a Harmonix developer suggested in the Something Awful forums (under the name CptUnderpants) to wait until the launch date before sending in the faulty guitars back. His statement, verbatim:

“For the two pre-release people that had issues with their guitar – I’d wait until Tuesday before sending your guitars back. I believe there may be a title update on day 1 that makes things happy for you again. Such is the life of retailers breaking street date and making life hard for us.”

CptUnderpants also said that they already worked on a fix to the control problems, which will be immediately available as part of downloadable content available on Rock Band‘s launch date. That said, it helps to stop fretting and take off the tinfoil hats. Let’s just wait and see how it turns out on the game’s launch on November 20.

More updates to come!

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Via Something Awful

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