EL Wire PSP mod

EL Wire Mod - Image 1Modding your Sony PlayStation Portable can be hazardous to the health of your handheld, but the benefits often outweigh the risks, as we can see with tec_in_the_making’s EL Wire PSP mod. It’s simple, it’s not too flashy, but it definitely looks awesome – and all it takes is a simple design element that’s probably never been thought of being applied to a Sony PSP before.

Check out the details and the video at the full article. You won’t be disappointed.

The Sony PlayStation Portable modding scene is truly one to behold, and we see it in its top form with tec_in_the_making’s EL Wire PSP mod, where he’s kitted out his own transparent handheld with some cleverly-placed EL Wire. The effect, while simple and not as flashy as other mods, certainly looks awesome and opens up a lot of potential for those of us who want a bit more customization for our gadgets.

But first, what’s an EL Wire? It’s a thin copper wire that’s coated in a phosphor which glows when an AC voltage is applied to it. It’s mainly used to decorate vehicles and structures, much like rope light and Christmas lights – but the difference is that EL wire generates an unbroken line of visible light. It’s also extremely flexible and thin, which makes it easy to shape and conform.

In any case, check out the mod in action via the video below. Enjoy!

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