Electronic Sports League promises more WoW PvP tournaments

Female gnome mage featured in Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG - Image 1PvP-intensive gamers participating in Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft may have been given the chance to get their game on when David “Shawn” Kugelmann announced that plans may be underway to create a dedicated event realm which will hold regular PvP tournaments to appeal to the more competitive niche of gamers for this highly celebrated MMORPG.

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Dreamhack LAN party event sponsored by ESL - Image 1With the conclusion of the recent 3-on-3 World of Warcraft PvP tournament held at the Dreamhack LAN party, David “Shawn” Kugelmann, head WoW admin during the event, talked about future plans on setting up more tournaments to appeal to the more competitive niche of gamers for the highly celebrated MMORPG.

The event was sponsored by the Electronic Sports League and featured a simple 3-versus-3 elimination tournament which proved to be very successful for those who participated as well as those watching in the WoW community.

Kugelmann mentioned the potential for more similar tournaments to happen on a regular basis thanks to their recent success at Dreamhack. He mentioned that Blizzard was willing to provide a dedicated event realm where these tournaments will be held. He described the details by saying:

WoW does not have any kind of custom game option that you usually know from eSport-games and players are spread among dozens of servers. The only way to make sure that only those teams play against each other that you want to is to get them on a special server – an even realm. Those are regular servers but only visible to special accounts. Those accounts have all eight classes at level 70 and every character has thousands of gold and bags packed with all possible PvP-items to chose from. When the players are done with setting up both teams queue up at the same time, join the same arena and there is no risk of interfering.

Tournaments will keep the 3-versus-3 team format according to Kugelmann. First round eliminations will take the form of a time trial, where teams will be ranked according to their standings within a 3 hour period, with the final 8 teams continuing on to a single elimination round to determine the winner.

There are no solid plans when these tournaments will take place, however they are already currently looking into creating a schedule for these events to take place and how they will be implementing them on a regular basis.

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