Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – Patch 1.5 development report

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Patch 1.5 Development Report - Image 1Still wondering what’s happening with the latest Patch update for iD Software‘s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars? You don’t have to any longer. We were able to get the latest scoop from the devs’ development report on the Patch 1.5. Find out the details in the full article.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Patch 1.5 development report - Image 1It’s been awhile since we were able to update you with the latest information on iD Software‘s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Well, that’s going to change today because we have news on what’s currently happening to patch 1.5 direct from the developers’ blog.

According to badman, patch 1.5 is not going to be an official Activision release, just like the previous ones. In fact, the guys of Splash Damage are the ones funding its development. They’ve now opted to extend public beta phase so that they can straighten out the latest patch.

The release of the patch might not come soon, but they’re currently devoted to release 1.5 to gamers. So far, what’s been confirmed about it is that it’s in the development schedule of the devs this month.

It still needs to be tested internally. A game update, as well as the updated SDK and final version of the official competition mod will released in the coming weeks. Having said those, don’t go anywhere, folks! We’ll keep you posted on the said updates as soon as they come.


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