Epic sushi: Yamatsukami redux in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G: Yamatsukami - Image 1If you got to play Monster Hunter 2, you’re probably well acquainted with the Yamatsukami – and, of course, the highly irritating Thunderbugs that come with it. Fortunate (or unfortunate, rather?) Japanese gamers get another round of epic sushi in this week’s new Monster Hunter Portable 2ng G DLC. Time to get out those chopsticks and dig in!

Yamatukami giant squid - Image 1

You probably already confronted this big ass baddie at the end of Monster Hunter 2, but now he’s back in 2nd G, and players over at Japan get to download another Yamatsukami quest.

[Cue wails of despair: “Noooo, not those Great Thunderbugs again!”]

Sorry kid, Yamatsukamis aren’t Yamatsukamis without the paralyzing Thunderbugs. Just hope for the best, and maybe afterwards, get some revenge by heading down to your neighborhood Sushi Bar and stuff yourself silly.

This week’s new Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC is arriving today via Capcom‘s wirless network at 1 p.m. in Japan.

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