ESRB ratings chart: M-rated games account for only 6% of all titles in 2007

Logo of Entertainment Software Rating Board - Image 1Contrary to popular belief, there really aren’t enough violent games out there to justify all the flak the video game industry’s been getting recently. According to the ratings chart for 2007 released by the ESRB, only 6% of all titles released last year was tagged with a Mature rating. Find out more about this in the full article.

ESRB ratings chart breakdown assigned for 2007 - Image 1

Considering the violent reputation tacked onto the video game industry, only a small percentage of the actual game titles fall under the M-rating prescribed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. The image above shows a chart of the different percentages of games released during the past year.

A breakdown of the ESRB rating category for 2007 was posted in the latest newsletter submitted by Patricia Vance, President of the ESRB. The chart showing the ratings featured some very interesting numbers from the past year.

Only 6% of the overall ratings assigned fall under the Mature rating. This number was actually cut down from 12% in 2005. The E (Everyone 6 and above) rating accounted for 60% of the ratings, with the E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) rating reaching 15% and the T (Teen 13 and above) rating hitting 20% of all the game titles during the past year.

Hopefully, this may give the more hardcore critics something to think about the next time they decide to crucify the industry for its seemingly senseless content based on sex and violence.

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