EuromillionPlayer v1.1

Euromillion_Player v1.1 - Image 1Homebrew developer Kenium has just released the updated Euromillion lottery game for the Sony PlayStation Portable. How does a lottery game play on the Sony PSP? We reported about a similar game some years ago, so such a kind of homebrew game’s possible and fun on the PlayStation Portable. More details after the jump.

Download: EuromillionPlayer v1.1

Euromillion Player v1.1 - Image 1

The last time we reported on a lottery game for your Sony PlayStation Portable was a few years ago. Now, here a breath of fresh (French) air. Homebrew developer Kenium has just released Euromillion Player version 1.1, a new brand of lottery which our European friends started in 2004.

To play this homebrew game, you have to choose five numbers from the main board (which has fifty numbers) and 2 numbers from the Lucky Star board (which has nine numbers). You will win the game if you match your picks with the numbers chosen each week. In the North American setting, this is more similar to Lotto 649.

Dev Kenium has just updated to version 1.1 to address some bug fixes. Here are the complete changes:

  • Obligation to insert a number between 1 and 50 and between 1 and 9.
  • Arrow is slightly faster
  • Navigation between the numbers in case of bad knocks + indication of the box that shows the focus.
  • New functions of keys.
  • New sound when one wins a prize.
  • The bug “Drawing No. 0” when you erase and start again.

The homebrew file has no attached readme so better be aware of what you’re doing while installing this game. Safety above all!

Download: EuromillionPlayer v1.1

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