Europe gets free Patapon demo too

Europe gets Patapon demo - Image 1Europeans will be glad to know that they’ll also be able to Pata-download and Pon-play their way through Sony‘s Patapon. Eurogamer reports that a demo for Patapon will be available for European gamers who visit the PSP store on February 21.

More on this intriguing development, plus the spear of protection after the jump!

Patapon demo coming out in Europe as well - Image 1Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon! Pata-Pon-Pata-Pon! If you’re from Europe and you don’t know what all that Pon-ing is all about, then it’s time for you to learn!

Eurogamer reports that Europe will also be getting a demo for Sony‘s Patapon, much like the one that American gamers are getting by pre-ordering from GameStop – minus the pre-ordering bit, of course.

The Patapon demo will be available in the European PSP Store on February 21, and will be the same demo that American gamers will get.  This means that it also has the demo-to-save feature that’ll allow you to save your progress for use in the actual game. You’ll also be able to pick up the demo-only Spear of Protection, which is a big plus.

In any event, the European version of Patapon will come on February 22, just one day after the demo is released. Sharpen those spears, play the demo, grab the extra goodies, and get ready to scream Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon when you pick up your copy of the game.

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