European Xbox 360 Marketplace to increase video content

Xbox Live Marketplace Microsoft - Image 1North American Xbox Live Marketplace subscribers have been enjoying hefty amounts of downloadable movies and TV shows for some time now, but how about their friends living in Europe? As it turns out, Europe will see their Xbox Live Marketplace’s media content ramped up to their enjoyment. More details await in the full article.

Xbox Live Logo - Image 1European Xbox 360 users who envy their US counterparts in terms of Xbox Live Marketplace movie content may no longer have any reason to be in the near future. According to Orla Sheridan, Microsoft Ireland’s Entertainment and Devices manager, the number of movies available for Xbox 360 users in Ireland will be significantly increased, and that they will also add TV content later this year.

Sheridan also added that they intend to make the European Xbox Live Marketplace service on par with its North American counterpart, which is currently enjoying a plethora of media. That carries most movies and episodes of popular television series, including Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

Europe‘s Xbox Live Marketplace was launched only recently in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany, and offering both high and standard definition movies.

Via Silicon Republic

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