European Xbox 360 SKUs to drop prices this Easter?

Microsoft Xbox 360 logo - Image 1It’s been a while since people began wondering when Microsoft will unleash its next Xbox 360 SKUs with newer chipsets, and that may happen sooner than we think. According to various sources, Europe will see a price drop across all models of the console. This could be first step for pushing new Xbox 360s in the market, but for now, see the full article to get the details.

Xbox 360 Arcade going cheaper than Wii? - Image 1 Europe may see a price drop of Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles across all SKUs soon, as various sources confidently claim that retailers confirmed the platform holder’s move to offer its machine at lower prices.

Tech Radar reports that 50 Euros or around £40 (US$ 76) will be slashed off current prices on March 14, making the entry-level Xbox 360 Arcade unit cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. Other models are going to have more competitive price tags if the cut actually happens.

According to one retailer:

We are currently selling the Elite plus one game at £330, the Premium system with any game at £280 or £260 with FIFA Street or Assassin’s Creed and the Arcade version for £230 with any game or £220 with FIFA Street.

Take £40 off from these prices, and you’ll get what’s believed to be this Easter’s biggest gaming bargain.

Meanwhile, speculations are hot now that many people believe Microsoft cutting prices could easily mean the introduction of newer SKUs to replace the old ones. The rumored Opus and Valhalla chipsets come into the picture, which are expected to be unveiled after the Jasper chipset penetrates the market in August this year.

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