Everquest 2: Update 42 releasing today

Everquest 2: Update 42 releasing today - Image 1Wondering why EverQuest 2‘s update 42 didn’t arrive as scheduled earlier? The developers are sending word that instead of February 5, the update has been moved to today, February 6. The exact details for this release are over in the full article.

Everquest 2: Update 42 releasing today - Image 1  

Apparently, there’s been a slight misunderstanding. The players of Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) EverQuest 2 MMORPG will probably remember that there was a recent announcement that the game would be getting update 42 by yesterday, February 5.

Now in case you’re wondering why it hasn’t kicked in yet, Gnobrin over at the EQ2 Forums gave this explanation:

There was mention in the past from Community staff that the update was to be the 5th of February (and stated prior that it was to be the latter part of January), but that information was incorrect due to this update’s size and depth. This update is planned to be released soon, but not today.

Gnobrin updated the same thread later to announce that update 42 is expected to arrive first in the UK by today (February 6). While no exact times were given, the game’s network status page updated to announce some expected downtime for the U.S. servers by 6:00 am PST today. That’s all the information we’ve got for the moment – drop by again in case we receive more updates.

Via EQ2 Forums

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