EverQuest 2’s Treasure Chest update: in-game guides, tradeskilling knowledge, lores

Everquest 2's Treasure Chest update: in-game guides, knowledge, lores - Image 1The treasure chest has been updated for EverQuest 2. It definitely has some goodies that could help you guys out when playing the game. In this update, notification on in-game guides, additional in-game knowledge, and upcoming lores are included. Find out more on these after the jump!

Everquest 2's Treasure Chest update: in-game guides, knowledge, lores - Image 1It’s a good thing that EverQuest 2‘s Treasure Chest has been updated to help those who have forgotten important info and notify those who are still in the dark. The latest update contains in-game guides, additional knowledge, and lores.

New green names have been placed in the forums. These are to help players with the difficulties with the game. So, if you find yourself going in circles endlessly, you could drop by the forums and get much needed help.

As for additional knowledge, Norrath now has more to offer its denizens. How exactly? Well, if you pay close attention to tradeskilling, you guys might be treated to some depth of humor that could make your day. This is certainly a pleasant surprise who want something different from the game.

With lores, it’s one big galore. Ever since Trakanon was defeated, it seems that there’s nothing left in the game. Well, some people have already have a lead on what the upcoming lores would be in the game. It’s something that you guys could probably watch out for in the coming months.

If you want to read more about the update on the Treasure Chest, do head on to the link below. Don’t forget to visit QJ for more news on this SEO’s epic MMORPG.

Via Everquest 2’s official website

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