Everything in moderation: Sony on user-generated content for Home

Logo for Sony's PlayStation Home - Image 1Remember the little disclaimer Sony expressed about the R-rated content that LittleBigPlanet may be getting from the user-generated customizables for the game? The same dilemma may be facing its upcoming virtual world network in the PlayStation Home. Find out what else Sony’s project heads had to say about it in our full article after the jump.

Screenshot of Sony's PlayStation Home - Image 1Sony‘s PlayStation Home project is shaping up to be an ambitious step in the area of virtual world interaction. Aside from promises of it becoming the best looking and most user-friendly multiplayer network, the amount of user customization definitely makes it a very flexible platform for everyone to play around with.

However, creative director Ron Festejo and lead artist John Venables expressed worries about the amount of moderation needed to police the user-generated content people will be able to submit for Home.

This may lead them into the same dilemma that boxed them in with the possibly R-rated content that LittleBigPlanet may be getting from its users. Much like any sandlot customization title, the biggest concern here is the monitoring of the content being passed around in-game.

Both called the user-created content for Home the “Holy Grail” for the free-form social platform. They were rather interested in seeing how far the limits of Home could be pushed through the creativity of the users inhabiting it.

For now, however, they will have to take baby steps on how to implement all the toolsets available for users once Home finally goes live. While moderation tools will be available for anyone who wishes to make a report of any offensive content, the developers will still be basically testing the waters in the initial stages of Home.

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