EZ-Flash V 1.70 kernel update

EZ-Flash V - Image 1Want more out of your EZ-Flash V flashcart for your Nintendo DS? Then head on over to the full article as we get you acquainted with the latest kernel update of EZ-Flash V, and this one sports the very important update of auto DLDI patching. Can you say effortless homebrew execution? Yes, yes and yes!

Download: EZ-Flash V 1.70 kernel update

EZFlash - Image 1

EZ-Flash V flashcart owners, rejoice – the latest kernel update from EZTEAM, version 1.70 for your Nintendo DS homebrew-allowing cards, is now available for download with the usual round of improvements that should make your homebrew experience all the more easier. The most major improvement since the last version? Automated DLDI patching, that’s what! No longer will you have to patch your newly-downloaded homebrew programs yourself – your flashcart will do it for you!

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Add auto DLDI patching
  • Modified the cheat engine
  • Fixed the white screen after txt reading
  • resetsp.bin updated to 1981, fixed 1960 1978

Now, the guys over at he EZ-Flash USA forum has a note for all EZ-Flash V owners: this latest kernel also includes the bootstrap loader updater. If you’re not familiar with this, or have yet to upgrade to the last version (that is, kernel 1.68), then you’d probably want to get up to speed. You can check out all the info in the release post in the via link below. Enjoy!

Download: EZ-Flash V 1.70 kernel

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