Facebreaker video: Meet Ice

Facebreaker from Electronics Arts Canada - Image 1 You’ve met an assortment of weird characters from the upcoming pugilist title from EA Canada, Facebreaker (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii) – ninja boxer Steve, lover Romeo, and Voodoo – and today, we’ve got a new character for you guys. It’s Ice, and don’t let him smooth voice fool you. He’ll use your face for push-ups. Check him out at the full article.

We’re sure you’re acquainted with the assortment of characters in Electronic Arts‘ upcoming pugilist title Facebreaker (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii) via screenshots and videos released earlier. We’ve met Steve (the ninja boxer), Romeo, and Voodoo, and we’ve got another one for you now. Let’s go on and meet Ice.

At 6’2″, Ice looks like a traditional heavy weight boxer, but we all know that EA Canada was never really about traditional boxing. In the video, we see Ice’ moves and in case you were wondering, the song’s called Sucker Punch (Transparent Things) by Fujiya & Miyagi. In addition to his radio personality voice and smooth moves, Ice also packs some funny moves as you’ll see in the video.

We won’t spoil the fun, so just go on and click play. Facebreaker will be coming to a console near you in September so expect more news about it.

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