Far Cry 2 on consoles not too far from PC version, says dev

Far Cry 2 - Image 1It’s often debatable whether console versions of a video game optimized for PC can hold a candle or not, but according to Far Cry 2‘s (also on Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3) designer Peter Redding, Ubisoft‘s upcoming first-person shooter will at least look great on all platforms it will make a splash on. Head over to the full article to find out why.

Far Cry 2 - Image 1

While gamers still wonder how Far Cry 2 would be in the hands of Ubisoft Montreal instead of its original creators, many fans are undoubtedly excited about the sequel to Crytek‘s brainchild that’s going to appear not just on PC but also on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. However, there are skeptics who don’t believe console versions will hold up to the more versatile gaming computer. Fortunately, Far Cry 2 designer Peter Redding had something to say for the unbelievers.

“All the same content will be in console versions that youÂ’ve seen here; all the same systems and all the same mechanics,” Redder explained at the Play.com Live event while demonstrating the impressive first-person shooter.

Redder also acknowledged that followers of Far Cry 2 expect its PC incarnation to be much better than on consoles, then explained that “on a really good high-end PC, it is going to be amazing. But the console version is going to be fantastic.”

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