FCC: PS3 to change model number and parts

80GB PS3 - Image 1We recently reported that Sony intends to change parts in the current model of its PSP handheld as reflected by an FCC post. Now we’ve got another thing coming as we spot a similar notice concerning the PlayStation 3 console. Will this be the first sign of a new SKU? Find out in the full article ahead.

PS3 - Image 1Shortly after we reported that Sony discreetly sent notice to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it intends to change parts in its current PlayStation Portable models, we’ve caught sight of another interesting notice. This time it concerns the PlayStation 3.

According to the FCC page, Sony wants to change the model number and the parts of the PS3. Details were under the radar because of a confidentiality clause.

That’s pretty much all we can tell you at this point. Could this have something to do with the exodus of the 80GB PS3? Is a new SKU on the way? We’ll see in the weeks to come.

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