Fiction and art needed for City of Heroes fanzine

City of Heroes NCSoft - Image 1Are you a budding writer or artist? Why not take a shot at submitting your art or fiction to NCSoft‘s City of Heroes fanzine? After all, your character may just want to have his or her story be known to the world. Details in the full article!

City of Heroes NCSoft - Image 1If you joined The Darkness‘ Fanfiction contest and failed to win anything, here’s another chance to prove your that your writing skills are indeed l33t: NCSoft‘s City of Heroes is now open for fiction and art submissions for the City of Heroes Fanzine.

This is a good opportunity to let the world know about the hero or heroine that you came up with using your own imagination. Interested? Do note that NCSoft is currently accepting fanart and fanfiction submissions until February 11. So if you don’t want your character’s adventures get neglected and eventually be forgotten, better grab this chance, and fast.

Check out the Via link for more details!

Via City of Heroes Community Site

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