Final Fantasy VII remake depends on Square Enix’s schedule

Final Fantasy VII remake depends on Square Enix's schedule - Image 1We know that you want a remake of Final Fantasy VII on your Sony PSP units. Square Enix knows this very well, too. Given that, we really can’t blame you if you feel frustrated why the thing hasn’t happened yet.

In an interview with publication OPM, game director Hajime Tabata gave an explanation that will help shed light into the matter. You can see his response in the full article via the “read more” link below.

Final Fantasy VII remake depends on Square Enix's schedule - Image 1Those who are still hoping for a Final Fantasy VII remake on their Sony PlayStation Portable units might be interested to know that Square Enix has not entirely closed its options on the matter.

In an interview that can be found in this month’s edition of the publication Official PlayStation Magazine, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII director Hajime Tabata shared that a remake of the classic is still possible. He discussed:

I think it is because the conditions of the game have not been met at this point.

The possibility for a remake may become greater if, for instance, the schedules of the original members of the Final Fantasy VII development team, such as Kitase and Nomura, open up.

The two names Tabata mentioned were really vital in the making of FF VII. Yoshinori Kitase was the game’s director and scenario writer while Tetsuya Nomura served as its character head designer.

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