Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings tutorial, combat, cutscenes videos

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings by Square Enix - Image 1A few more days ’til Square EnixFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings appears on shelves, but we simply can’t help the excitement thinking about an actual real-time strategy game on the Nintendo DS. We can’t make the days go faster, but these five new videos should help ease the pain of waiting.

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Real-time strategy games and the Nintendo DS don’t sound like the perfect partners, but after watching new videos taken from Square EnixFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, we wouldn’t be surprised if the formula finally becomes something gamers will look at.

Five new videos of pure gameplay footage just arrived. Among these, we see the good parts of the latest bite-sized entry to the Ivalice Alliance. Squeenix nailed RTS elements together with intuitive touch screen controls and simplistic rock-paper-scissors mechanic to bring us what seems to be an accessible strategy game to pick up and play for the DS.

Fans of original Final Fantasy XII should be delighted to find out that the music has remained intact, and converted to the handheld quite well. Other sound effects are fitting to be on Ninty’s platform. FFXII: Revenant Wings should be on shelves this November 20.

You’ve got five videos to watch and no time to waste! Find them Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings gameplay footage embedded below:

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