Final Team Fortress 2 Medic weapons revealed by Valve

Final Team Fortress 2 Medic weapons revealed by Valve - Image 1You may think they are weak, but the Medics in Valve Corporation‘s Team Fortress 2 are getting some powered-up goodies. The devs were able to release the final information on the Medic’s armaments. Say goodbye to the syringe and bonesaw and hello to The Blutsaugher and two other weapons. Check the details on the weapons after the jump.

Final Team Fortress 2 Medic weapons revealed by Valve - Image 1If you like taking the role of the Medic in Valve’s Team Fortress 2 (Xbox 360, PS3, PC), then there’s you can celebrate with the latest news from the devs. They were able to release the final details for the new Medic weapons for the game.

You no longer will have to use the syringe and bonesaw because the two have already been replaced by The Blutsaugher and The Ubersaw. The third gun is the crit-increasing gun known as The Critzcrieg.

The Blutsaugher is a syringe gun that can draw health from enemies whenever they’re hit. Sadly, it doesn’t have the ability for critical hits. As for The Ubersaw, it will convert the damage it deals to ubercharge. All you need are four hits, then it’s going to fully charge whatever medigun you have equipped. The Critcrieg grants its recipient the full ability to fire critical shots.

Do take note of this: You’ll get The Blutsaugher when you’ve earned a third of the 36 new Medic achievements. By getting two thirds of the achievements, you’ll acquire The Critzcrieg. If you manage to complete the achievements, you’ll be granted The Ubersaw.

Now these three should probably make a difference when you do play the Medic in the game. We’ll keep you guys posted on more valuable news and helpful updates.

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