Flagship Studios hosts Hellgate: London Blademaster tutorial

Blademaster Avalon from Hellgate London - Image 1If you’re new to a game and you don’t know what to do, you’d appreciate it if someone were to lend you a helping hand, right? Well, Flagship Studios‘ Senior Community Manager, Kaiser Hwang, is here to help new Hellgate: London players get used to the game with a helpful little video tutorial on the Templar Blademaster. You can view it right after the jump.

As fun as the Blademaster class can be, it isn’t all about slicing and dicing – Hellgate: London players must also consider which skills they would have their Blademaster learn. Fortunately, Flagship Studios‘ Senior Community Manager Kaiser Hwang has an enlightening tutorial video for players who may be new to the game.

Hwang recommends three primary skills that players must focus on for maximum, in-your-face fun: Sword of Reckoning, Aura of Power and Matched Blades. Aura of Power helps keep the Blademaster’s power level up for spamming the high-damage Sword of Reckoning skill, while Matched Blades is the Blademaster’s bread and butter – it allows the fencer to equip one sword in each hand for deadly dual-sword demon-slaying.

There are two important things that Hellgate: London players must note: one, Flagship Studios’ tutorial only covers levels 1-10 for the Blademaster; two Hwang mentioned that this is only his suggested way of playing the character class through the first ten levels. It is by no means the “right” way or the only way of building up the said class.

Some people prefer visual presentations, though, so without further ado, here is Kaiser Hwang’s Hellgate: London Blademaster tutorial:

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