FlatOut: Head On European demo to be released on February 22

Empire Interactive's FlatOut: Head On - Image 1Gamers in Europe who want to a little piece of the demolition derby action featured in FlatOut: Head On will finally get their chance for a sneak peek into the game as Empire Interactive has announced the release date of the game’s demo version for the PSP. Gamers should mark February 22 on their calendars for when the demo will finally be released. As for what features it will be packing, find out more about it in the full article.

Screenshot of Empire Interactive's FlatOut: Head On for PSP - Image 1If you prefer the demolition derby racer over its more realistic brethren in the genre, then you’ll be glad to know that the European demo of FlatOut: Head On will finally make its way onto the PlayStation Portable this month.

The developers from Empire Interactive mentioned this juicy tidbit to Eurogamer, explaining that the demo will be released on February 22. The demo itself will feature three different levels from the Carnage mode with one Race, one Destruction Derby, and one Ragdoll Stunt.

Gamers who enjoy this type of racing game can play to their heart’s content according to the developers. However, you won’t be able to save your progress, nor can you unlock other features in the demo.

While this may not sound very appealing, we all have to remember that this is just a small taste of what’s to come. Speaking of which, the full game will feature around 40 vehicles, nine different gameplay modes, wireless multiplayer, and more scrapped metal than your average city junkyard.

FlatOut: Head On is slated to be released in North America this March 11, while the European version of the game will ship out a few days after on March 14.

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