Flying Lab Software on PotBS user content 2.0

Logo for Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1One of the more exciting ways to be involved with a game that you like is being able to submit user content – it’s as if you’re being part of the evolution of that game. Flying Lab Software knows this, which is why user content specialist Marion van Ghent recently took the time to talk about user content 2.0 in Pirates of the Burning Sea. More info follows after the jump.

Design your own ship in Pirates of the Burning Sea - Image 1It’s one thing to be interested in developing user-generated content for an MMORPG, and it’s quite another thing to actually do it. It need not be intimidating, though. Let Flying Lab Software‘s user content specialist, Marion van Ghent, tell you all about how the user content 2.0 system works in Pirates of the Burning Sea.

According to “van Ghent,” Flying Lab Software has plans for streamlining and evening out the PotBS user content voting process. Some of them include:

  • A “Kitten Wars” style voting – where PotBS players compare pairs of flags or sails and rate the best one
  • Even distribution of votes – a randomized system of showing which flags or sails people see and rate, for fairness’ sake
  • Rewards for participation – players who who tend to rate flags and sails a lot are entitled to have more in their review queue, up to a suitably comfortable limit. It will “cost” votes to submit a design, so for every flag or sail you want to submit, youÂ’ll need to rate other submissions.
  • Instant feedback if your work falls outside of technical spec—If something’s wrong with it, Flying Lab software will let you know right away.
  • Better protection for your individual work—flags and sails will be displayed with an integral background, so it will be much harder to simply “copy and paste” othersÂ’ designs and resubmit them as your own.

Marion also reassured PotBS players that the Ships and 2D Steering Committees stand ready to assist would-be ship, flag, and sail designers, especially with the high standards that Flying Lab Software holds for such player-inspired works of art.

Also discussed in the post was the approval process for PotBS user generated content, among other things. For more information on what Flying Lab Software has planned for user content  patch 2.0 of Pirates of the Burning Sea, feel free to click on the source link below.

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