Force unleashed: new Hydrophobia screens and artwork got oomph

Hydrophobia art - Image 1See the thumbnail to your left? No, that’s not Force Unleashed. That’s Hydrophobia. “Wait, since when did Hydrophobia have psycho-kinetic powers?” Well, consider me equally floored too. Let’s see if we can make head or tail in this latest batch of screens and artwork, shall we?

Hydrophobia art - Image 1

Previously-murky title Hydrophobia is getting more and more exposure these days, and though we still can’t peg any confirmed platform release from Blade InteractivePS3 or 360? – screenshots and artwork are enough to go by. Good thing Three Speech was able to get a handful of them today.

Judging from these screens and artwork, it looks like the game’s story is slowly showing itself too. Check out the media; doesn’t anything about it look strange? More specifically, look at that artwork above. What in hell is Kate Wilson doing? For a moment there, I thought it was art for Force Unleashed – I’ve always known Hydrophobia to be built on a real-world setting.

Now we got to the shots below. The first three are gameplay screenshots, the rest are concept art. Yes, that’s a city …which you may find weird because the game’s set in the Queen of the World ocean liner. So what’s artwork of a city doing in this batch? Well, another nickname for the ocean vessel is actually the “City at Sea”, so that probably explains it.

City indeed; just look at that, man! Beautiful!

Hydrophobia screenshots - Image 1 Hydrophobia screenshots - Image 2 Hydrophobia screenshots - Image 3
Hydrophobia art - Image 1 Hydrophobia art - Image 2
Hydrophobia artwork - Image 1 Hydrophobia artwork - Image 2

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