Four new Army of Two videos: old-fashioned shootouts

Army of Two video game from Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - Image 1Army of Two may have been delayed but the game’s looking pretty good so we’re willing to sit it out and wait. Here are four new videos featuring some good ‘ole fashioned shootouts to keep our hands itching for the game. Head over to the full article for the videos.

Do you have a buddy for Army of Two yet? Remember that the game demands a whole lot of cooperation and teamwork if you want to whoop some tuckus. Here are a couple of new videos to show you more on what to expect from the game.

The videos feature some good ole’ fashioned shootouts. The last video shows how some good coordination can win you the game. While you keep your enemy occupied, your partner can sneak up on them and finish the job.

Army of Two (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) is expected to be released early next month. We’ll keep you posted on updates. Here are the videos:

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