Four screens – Strikers 1945 Plus confirmed coming to the PSP

Strikers 1945 Plus - Image 1Rumor confirmed! Strikers 1945 Plus is indeed going from the arcades to the PlayStation Portable. No info yet on features and other gameplay modes, but we’ve got four screens for you in the full article, check them out.

Yep, the rumors were true, Strikers 1945 Plus just stepped out of the arcades and into your PSP, courtesy of developer X-nauts. Now you can go back to holding your breath as you weave through showers of beams and bullets from your trigger-happy foes.

Strikers 1945 Plus - Image 1Strikers 1945 Plus - Image 2
Strikers 1945 Plus - Image 3Strikers 1945 Plus - Image 4

It’s labeled “Coming Soon” in Asia, but the rumor has it that it’s coming out on February 2009 for US$ 39.90. No word on features and gameplay modes, but we do have four screens of the upcoming title for ya.

Here’s an article on the rumor:

Via Asia

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