Funcom previews Patch 17.9 for Anarchy Online

The Anarchy Online logo - Image 1Sometimes a simple preview of things to come is all it takes to generate excitement for an MMORPG. Funcom has done precisely that with patch 17.9 for Anarchy Online. Curious as to what's new this time around? Turn to the full article after the jump and find out!

Box art for Anarchy Online - Image 1There's nothing quite like updating a game in order to keep it interesting. Speaking of which, Funcom has been busy doing exactly that with the MMORPG Anarchy Online.

The developer has revealed a preview of patch 17.9 that gives us a glimpse of the changes that have been made to the game since last time. Funcom has divided some the new Anarchy Online content into three main features:
  1. Steps of Madness - The Nightmare Continues: The Steps of Madness Dungeon has gotten a revamp with modified monsters, new loot and revised items and drop rates.
  2. The Escaped Prisoners: This Anarchy Online quest has players on the trail of escaped convicts. Gamers may earn rewards should the felons be apprehended.
  3. Dust Brigade - Locating the Threat: The ICC is is looking for reliable players to help them solve the mystery behind the Dust Brigade.
There's more to the story than just the three new features mentioned above, though. If you'd like more information on what else Funcom has planned for Anarchy Online, feel free to click on the source link below.

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