Gamecock’s Mike Wilson announces candidacy for ESA president

Gamecock's Mike Wilson announces candidacy for ESA president - Image 1The latest developments on the Entertainment Software Association are certainly really surprising. Gamecock’s Mike Wilson, has just announced his candidacy as ESA president. This is certainly an interesting turn. You can read more on this in the full article.

Gamecock's Mike Wilson announces candidacy for ESA president - Image 1Things have been a bit rocky with the Entertainment Software Association due to the fact that Activision and Vivendi Games have chosen to drop from the organization. But with the current developments going on, things are looking up somehow.

Gamecock’s Mike Wilson has just announced his candidacy for ESA president a few days ago. Wilson plans to run using a particular platform of “bringing the fun back to the gaming industry.”

Furthermore, in a leaked press release, Wilson wrote something interesting. In a letter, he wrote:

As I have traveled the country this primaries season promoting our upcoming presidential party game ‘Hail To The Chimp,’ often wearing a furry animal suit of one kind or another, I have come to realize that even those of us with an aversion to public attention must step forward in times of need.

I read last week that some of my most high profile supporters are not happy with the current administration of the ESA, and many of them apparently feel that I am the right man to right the ship, before it sinks entirely, due to my intimate experience with, or at least near, the E3 Expos in the past.

With news from Gamecock, Wilson’s campaign headquarters will be at Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles from July 15 to 18. Now, regarding this event, just how will it affect the state of ESA? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see and things unfold. We’ll keep you posted on the latest developments on this matter.

Via Joystiq

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