GameStop affirms 120 GB or more PS3 model release

GameStop confirms 120 PS3 model release - Image 1If you’re still wondering about the rumor spreading about the 120 GB PS3 model being released this year, we currently have new information regarding this matter. GameStop recently held a conference where they supposedly explained that the 80 GB PS3 model was no longer being produced, in favor of a 120 GB or higher model.

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GameStop confirms 120 PS3 model release - Image 1With all the rumors spreading on the PS3 models, new and old, it’s really difficult not to get confused. We got hold of new information that could probably shed some light into this matter.

Recently, GameStop held a conference where they explained that the 80 GB model was no longer going to be produced in order to give way for the coming of Sony‘s 120 GB (or possibly higher) model which is bundled with the Dual Shock 3 controller.

In addition, there hasn’t been official date to when this improved model will be launched and ready for purchase. As for the price of the allegedly upcoming new model, there’s still no information about it.

With all the information that was brought to light, Sony offered no comment again regarding this.
This new information certainly affirms the two rumors we previously reported: the discontinued production of the 80 GB model and the introduction of a 120 GB or higher model this year.

It seems that all the fine details will be released in due time, probably in the upcoming GDC. We’ll be keeping you posted for more updates on this issue.


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