Gaming fashionistas: saving the world in style

Devil May Cry 3 Dante - Image 1Tired of seeing ordinary looking, dirt-smudged heroes steal the limelight in your favorite video games? This short list of fashionable video game characters shows that it’s possible to look snazzy while saving the day, and the girl too. Check out the full article!

It’s bad enough that video game characters have to trudge around all over the virtual place only to get beaten up by baddies, but do they have to walk around in drab white pajamas and a pitiful red bandanna tied around their heads? While doing heroic deeds is almost guaranteed to put you into the spotlight, it never hurts to look a bit snazzy while saving the world, too.

Here’s just a few characters (among many others) who manage to save the world while looking like fashion models at the same time:

Dante Devil may Cry - Image 1 We kick off this short list with the hero of Capcom‘s Devil May Cry series, Dante, the one-time model for the Diesel clothing fashion line. With his bad-guy looks and trademark red coat – who could go wrong with red trenchcoats? – this mercenary can always turn to modeling if ever his Devil May Cry shop fails to pull in enough revenue.

Cate Archer No One Lives Forever - Image 1Next up is Cate Archer of No One Lives Forever by Monolith Productions (for the PC, PlayStation 2). 007’s female counterpart can give James Bond a run for his money, with her incredibly sharp intellect matching her stylish attractiveness. Clad in cool sixties fashion complete with perfectly styled hair, Cate certainly saves the day in style with her must-have spy equipment, such as exploding lipstick, a hair barrette that also serves as lock pick, and sunglasses with camera zoom.

Heather Silent Hill 3 - Image 1 Another gaming heroine with a rather effortless flair for fashion is Heather from Konami Digital’s Silent Hill 3 for the PlayStation 2. It’s tough having to run around and deal with zombies alone, but doing so while looking presentable is a big feat in itself. This doesn’t mean that Heather looks as if she doesn’t break a sweat, all the running around business has visibly taken its toll on her, making her appear slightly smudged in soot. But we still like her anyway.

Granado Espada - Image 1In the realm of MMORPGs – where heavily armored males and skimpily-clad females abound, there’s one title that stands out when it comes to fashion… well, old-style fashion, at least: Sword of the New World (also known as Granado Espada) by IMC Games. One can never go wrong with gowns designed in old Spanish flair, and with snappy tuxedos and military uniforms that never fail to elicit a second glance.

Finally, we end this list with quite an unexpected entry: Mario from the Super Mario Brothers franchise. Yes, we know you’re muttering something along the lines of “what the heck?” right now, but we’re serious.

Mario Tanooki Suit - Image 1

Aside from being one of the forefathers of good old sidescrolling adventures, our favorite plumber Mario is one of the first video game characters who put emphasis in fashion, and had quite an impressive wardrobe to prove it. From white overalls, tanooki costumes, to a fantabulous rainbow costume in Super Mario Galaxy, he’s certainly the video game fashionista to look up to.

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