GarageGames announces Torque developer’s engine v1.5 for Wii

GarageGames announces Torque for Wii version 1.5 - Image 1Here some good news for the up-and-coming developers out there. GarageGames has just announced that it has updated its Torque developer’s engine for the Wii to version 1.5. Wondering what sort of new features have been added? Read the full article and find out!

GarageGames announces Torque for Wii version 1.5 - Image 1Here’s a bit of good news for the aspiring game designers out there. GarageGames is sending word that its Torque for Wii dev engine has been updated to version 1.5, bringing with it a host of improvements that make it more appealing for up-and-coming developers.

Version 1.5 will carry a new 2D drag and drop game creation feature for the engine’s Torque Game Builder. This application is often used in the creation of casual games.

Here’s a rundown of the other functions of Torque for the Wii:

  • Extensible Wii Remote support
  • Nintendo Wii optimized skinned mesh rendering
  • Nintendo Wii optimized compressed Texture
  • Nintendo Wii optimized interior support
  • Nintendo Wii optimized hardware blending for terrain textures
  • Comprehensive Lot Check compliance
  • Nintendo Wii graphics and audio abstraction layers
  • Advanced Character and Shape Animations

GarageGames VP of Business Development Brett Seyler had this to say regarding the company’s prospects for Torque:

Torque for Wii continues to improve and mature and with this technology in the hands of some very talented studios, we’re going to see a lot more more great games like Pronto’s Destiny of Zorro come to the Wii.

Those interested in reading the more info regarding Torque for the Wii will want to visit GarageGames’ official site via the source link.

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