GDC 08: Gears of War 2 to feature Unreal Engine 3-powered dynamic water

Game Developers Conference 2008 - Image 1Just when you thought you’ve seen the best of this generation, Epic Games is taking physics and visuals to the next level. Epic will be using Unreal Engine 3’s power to create the most realistic water in video games. You’ll find a video of Gears of War 2 showing off its dynamic fluid surfaces at the full article, so hit that jump!

While Crytek’s CryENGINE2 proved it can render nirvana for lovers of vegetation in Crysis, Epic GamesUnreal Engine 3 is taking the honor of having the most realistic water physics to date. Not only will Gears of War 2 on the Microsoft Xbox 360 boast of the most convincingly real water movements, it will also get you addicted to throwing objects at bodies of water just to see amusing splash results.

You can see Unreal Engine 3 in action by watching the video below, where you’ll find out just how good Gears of War 2 is shaping up to be and learn more about dynamic fluid surfaces.

Now that the sequel to the explosive third-person shooter is out, we expect to hear more about improvements on technology that will help Gears of War 2 leap further than its predecessor. Be sure to check back for updates!

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