Gecko Region Free v1.2 beta

Wii - Image 1If you’re having trouble with Gecko Region Free, then we have some good news. Homebrew developer and creator of USB Gecko Nuke has just rolled out a much more improved version of the homebrew app, and this might just work out for you. All the details in the full article, so you’d better go and click on that read more button below.

Download: Gecko Region Free v1.2 beta

Wii - Image 1

If you caught the release of the groundbreaking Gecko Region Free from USB Gecko creator Nuke, but it’s not quite working out for you, here’s some good news: the homebrew developer has just released a new version, and one that (with any luck) could work out for you. But since it’s still in its beginning stages, and Nuke is in dire need of beta testers, it’s probably a good idea to keep your fingers crossed.

So, what’s new with this version? Here’s the changelog, starting from version 1.1:


  • Forces video mode to NTSC when launching an import on a PAL system. This should fix the issue PAL users are having with USA/JAP games


  • Added some more patching which should increase compatibility.

There’s also the added bonus of a screenshot engine and remote debugger into your Wii’s memory when you use Gecko Region Free with a USB Gecko. This means you can take screenshots and debug on the fly. Awesome? Yes.

And as for those puzzled as to just how to properly use Gecko Region Free, Nuke has this instructions: Simply load boot.elf from Chain Loader, insert any Wii Game and then press the Reset button your Wii. That’s it. Make sure you know what you’re doing with your Nintendo Wii, and enjoy your region free gaming!

Download: Gecko Region Free v1.2 beta

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