GeeXboX v0.1 alpha1: improved widescreen mode, new features

Wii Homebrew Media Player download - Image 1A new version is out for GeeXboX, the Media Center prototype for the Wii (now in its alpha stages). Some great new updates in this build, including support for widescreen mode and improved Wiimote connection and reconnection routine. Details in the full article.

Download: GeeXboX v0.1alpha1

Wii Homebrew Media Player download. Wiibrew news, updates, downloads - Image 1 

Wiibrew developer farter has released a new version of GeeXboX, one of the more popular media players for the Wii. We still don’t see native DVD support, but that might very well soon change when Team Twiizers releases their DVD Access Library.

Nevertheless, this new build has several great new updates. Here’s the changelog for v0.1 alpha1, but remember to go through the readme for more detailed information on the program.

  • NTSC/PAL autodetection (supposed to work)
  • improved support for widescreen mode
  • aspect ratio software compensation support
  • improved Wiimote connection/reconnection routine
  • user-friendlier handling of boot failure.

Download: GeeXboX v0.1alpha1

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