Genki LONPOS expansion faces delay

Form a pyramid in the Genki WiiWare title LONPOS - Image 1No one likes delays; they tend to grind on people’s patience. Nevertheless, delays happen, as is the case with the expansion packs for Genki‘s WiiWare puzzle title, LONPOS. For more information, check the full article after the jump. Don’t delay!

The WiiWare puzzle title LONPOS from Genki - Image 1 

Last March 14, we reported on the affordable 500 Wii point microtransaction prices that Genki would be charging for the add-on packs of its WiiWare puzzle title, LONPOS. Unfortunately, the expansion has been delayed – there aren’t any downloadable updates for the game yet.

Word has it that Genki’s LONPOS and the booster packs were supposed to have been launched simultaneously. As it is, the game is now available via WiiWare, but the add-ons aren’t. Genki has officially delayed them for a reportedly undisclosed date.

In case you’re wondering, Genki’s expansions would have included an extra 25 puzzles for all you puzzle fans out there, plus a custom visual theme, to boot. Genki has reportedly scheduled nine booster packs for LONPOS, so it looks like a little more patient waiting is required.

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