GhostBustersDS v0.4

GhostBusterDS - Image 1Here’s an update to homebrew developer Sephiroth_FF7‘s GhostBustersDS to add a new challenge and fix a couple of bugs. If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, or you just want to play a ghost-hunting homebrew game on the Nintendo DS, head over to the full article.

Download: GhostBustersDS v0.4

GhostBustersDS screenshot - Image 1Homebrew developer Sephiroth_FF7 just released a quick update of GhostBustersDS for the Nintendo DS. Unlike previous builds though, this version 0.4 does more than squash a bug or open a door. You’ll still be defending New York from ghosts, but this time, it’s made easier since you can cancel purchases and corner those pesky phantoms.

Aside from a handful of gameplay changes, a new boss fight has been added and ghosts don’t get paralyzed anymore when they hit others. A bug that acted up when accessing bank accounts has also been fixed. Here’s the roughly translated changelog:

  • Addition of the combat against Grozer
  • The keys of the keyboard do not remain red any more
  • Possibilities of cancelling the purchases of objects
  • The phantoms can be caught on the end of the ways
  • The phantoms are not paralysed any more when they are touched by the emanations
  • Correction of a bug concerning the banking accounts

Sephiroth_FF7 provided GhostBusterDS in .nds, .ds.gba, and .sc.nds file formats, so it should be compatible with most cards.

Download: GhostBustersDS v0.4

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