glitchDS v1.3: Pad play page added

glitchDS v1.3: Pad play page added - Image 1Developer Clone45 recently updated the glitchDS homebrew game to version 1.3. Among others, this new build adds a new pad play page feature. You can view the rest of the changelog over in the full article.

Download: glitchDS v1.3

glitchDS v1.3: Pad play page added - Image 1Developer Clone45 is announcing the release of version 1.3 of the glitchDS homebrew game for the Nintendo DS. As a recap, glitchDS is actually a music sequencer based on The Game of Life.

This latest release features a couple of additional tweaks, including a new “pad play” function. As for the rest of the changelog (quoting the dev’s post):

  • Volume control of each sound.
  • Added a “pad play” page: If there are too many sounds playing at once, glitchDS might ignore your incessant tapping.
  • Quickly save new versions of snapshots
  • On the Trigger and Frequency Modulation pages, when you select a swatch, the filename will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Loading snapshots works the same as before if the sequencer is stopped.

If you own glitchDS’ previous builds, upgrading is done so by copying version 1.3’s ROM files (glitchDS.nds and over your existing ROMs. Enjoy the download and be sure to read the rest of this homebrew’s documentation at Clone45’s site for other important details, via the source link below.

Download: glitchDS v1.3

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