Glitches found in Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Blanka is NOT Sagat - Image 1Just a day after its release, glitches were found in the much-awaited Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Rushed, cut-corner job? I sure hope not. Check out the screen and vid in the full article, and see if you’ve encountered the same glitches.

It’s only been a day and already we’re seeing glitches from Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Take this screen for instance. Blanka, who for some unknown reason is named as Sagat, celebrates his win with his arms thrown above. On the other side of the ring is Vega, who, according to his life bar should be up and about, sprightly with health. However, he is having none of that and so lays down on the floor, as if knocked out. Also do notice that it’s indicated below the life bar that both players have won 3 rounds each. *scratch head*

SF2HDR glitch - Image 1

That’s not the only one. dragula 96 also has this vid of an even worse glitch. His opponent and the background did not load. As a result, he fought in pitch black nothingness, fighting pitch black nothingness.

Capcom needs to do some serious overtime, their Street Fighter remake’s gonna amass a large angry mob demanding a thorough fix. dragula96 wants to get word around so that Capcom will get wind of this faster. Let’s do our part and spread the word.

Thanks to dragula96 for the heads-up!

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