Go! Sports Skydiving lands to launch in PSN Japan on January 10

Captain Rainbow Go! Sports Skydiving - Image 1If you liked Go! Sports Ski, then you may want to try out Go! Sports Skydiving, if ever it will be released in Western regions, that is. In this downloadable sports title, gamers use the SIXAXIS motion control perform mid-air stunts. More details in the full article.

Go! Sports Skydiving - Image 1Ever wanted to fulfill your dreams of skydiving in the wide, blue sky? Sony helps you achieve your dream, albeit in the virtual world. Sony Computer Entertainment of Japan is set to release Go! Sports Skydiving, another game in the same series as Go! Sports Ski.

Go! Sports Skydiving will let gamers perform tricks in mid-air freefall using the SIXAXIS motion control. However, the main goal of the game is to make formations with other players, guiding them into doing stunts before opening the parachute.

Go! Sports Skydiving will be available in PSN Japan beginning on January 10, for only 800 yen (or US$ 6.50).

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