Graffiti Entertainment presents Mazes of Fate gameplay trailers

Cover art for Mazes of Fate - Image 1One of the most fun things you can do is to grab some friends and explore dangerous labyrinths together. While that may be risky in real life, you can do just that in the virtual world of Mazes of Fate. Let Sabarasa Entertainment show you how its done in these two videos.  Catch them in the full article after the jump.

When you go dungeon exploring, expect to come across an odd assortment of creatures, such as the kinds you’ll see in Sabarasa Entertainment‘s Mazes of Fate. These beasties are no pushovers, so partying up with friends is an absolute must.

As the two videos from Sabarasa Entertainment will show you, the bad guys in Mazes of Fate can be pretty mean. How mean, you may ask? Mean enough to cause you and your friends to drop your weapons. The creatures are also mean enough to cast various status ailments on your entire party.

Kind of makes you wish Sabarasa Entertainment would finish working on the sequel already, doesn’t it? That might take a while, so enjoy the two Mazes of Fate videos below in the meantime.

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