Guild Wars Game update: access restored for Taiwanese players

Guild Wars - Image 1If you’re a Guild Wars player and you’re situated in Taiwan, then good news, as the latest update of the game is all about you and making your gaming experience better. From being able to access American servers to having access to pretty much everything else in the game, you’ll feel the love coming right from NCsoft‘s servers. The details in the full article.

Guild Wars - Image 1 

For those of us who spend our free time exploring the digital realms of Guild Wars, here’s an important news bulletin direct from the official website: The latest patch notes for the game, has been released and it pretty much concerns players in Taiwan. No, nothing pretty bad, in fact it’s quite the “good tidings and cheer sort.” Let’s see what sort of goodies NCsoft has cooked up for us now.

Here are the patch notes:

Taiwan service update

  • Taiwan players now play on American servers.
  • Taiwan players can now access in-game account management.
  • Taiwan players can now access the in-game store.
  • Taiwan players can now access other language districts.
  • Taiwan players can once again play and trade with players from other territories.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Spirit summoned by the Ritualist PvE skill Vampirism to take longer than other Spirits to acquire new targets.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Dervishes to appear in avatar form after dying while using an avatar skill.


  • The Xunlai Tournament House NPC now offers prizes for the March tournament and can be found in the Great Temple of Balthazar, Lion’s Arch, Kaineng Center, and Kamadan.
  • Updated the name of the Ceremonial Spear found in Elona to Solemn Spear to reduce confusion between it and the Design-a-Weapon contest winner of the same name.

Awesome. Players from Taiwan are pretty much given complete access to the game, and we all know that mingling with people from other continents is the point of most MMORPGs, right? We have to like the deal with players being able to access other language districts – living up to the concept of an online game and all that, being able to meet people from other countries. Any case, updates as we get them, and enjoy the game!

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