Guild Wars, GameStop team up for holiday commercial

Guild Wars Christmas - Image 1GameStop and NCsoft cooked up a new commercial featuring the MMORPG Guild Wars. When in-game monsters are talking about getting games from their moms for Christmas, you just know something special is going on. So wait no more, and hit the jump to the full article!

Apparently, even citizens in the regions of Guild Wars want video games for Christmas. GameStop has teamed up with NCsoft to dish out a holiday commercial with footage of the popular MMORPG. It’s funny, it’s cute, and you’ll want a game in your sock after watching it.

Seeing the four wheels of fury in the realms of World of Warcraft is admittedly more hilarious, but we gotta hand it to the little critter singing and dancing because his mom gave him a new game and system for Christmas. One thing for sure – some people would rather ask Santa for a copy of the latest expansion, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, than books or sweaters.

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