Hack: PS3 system files accessed under firmware 2.17

Hack: PS3 system files accessed under firmware 2.17 - Image 1According to reports from developer Spiker, it appears that another potential PS3 hack was found under the console’s firmware 2.17. While details on how exactly this was pulled off are still sketchy, the dev did post a video of this attempt, viewable over at the full article.

Heads up, people – it appears that another developer may have found a way to hack into Sony’s PlayStation 3. This latest attempt was reportedly pulled off by Spiker, who’s managed to access the PS3’s system files while running the console on firmware 2.17. According to the dev, here’s how it was done.

I load the file up in Other OS, and it runs a check system run, and it shows I can get to the files, and they are free for the taking, I just need to write something to have them dump on my memory stick or some other place.

The hack was executed on a 60 GB NTSC region PS3. Spiker notes that he’s still currently unable to view or edit the PS3’s files. He has, however, managed to tweak the PS3’s shutdown/boot up process, and its Blu-Ray drive.

We remind the readers that this hack it still in its very early stages, meaning there probably won’t be a public release any time soon. That said, Spiker did post a video demonstrating the fw 2.17 exploit. Enjoy the clip, and be sure to visit again in case we pick up any more info regarding this project.

Via PS3Hax

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