Halo Zero: a side-scrolling homebrew shooter starring Master Chief

Sony PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1Master Chief has once again invaded the PlayStation Portable in the latest homebrew game from developer V3NOM. Entitled “Halo Zero”, this initial release of the game shows off some interesting side-scrolling action starring none other than the main protagonist of the Halo series. Find out more about this handheld Halo shooter in our full article after the jump.

Download: Halo Zero

Screenshot of Halo Zero PSP homebrew game - Image 1 Screenshot of Halo Zero PSP homebrew game - Image 2

Those of you looking for an alternative Halo fix don’t necessarily have to resort to playing more multiplayer matches online. Developer V3NOM recently announced the release of the initial build of the homebrew game Halo Zero for the PlayStation Portable.

This release of the game is mostly a teaser of what it can do on the handheld platform. The content itself is still rather bare and is currently rather buggy.

Regrettably, the developer will be going on hiatus and will put the project on hold for now. V3NOM did mention that there may be a possibility of picking the project up in the future and reworking the code on a C-based platform (Halo Zero is currently written in Lua).

Until then, we’ll all have to content ourselves with this pre-alpha release of the game. Before you take a look at it though, please make sure to browse through the Readme file included in the bundle before installing it into your handheld.

Download: Halo Zero

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