Hammer your way to peace: More Ikuze Gensan screenshots

Ikuze Gensan - Image 1Irem has released a few more images from Ikuze Gensan, a game about a little carpenter and the construction workers who he likes to whack on the head for the sake of bringing peace to the streets. Who says hammers to the head don’t amount to anything good? Check out the screenshots at the full article.

Weekly Famitsu‘s online counterpart currently has a feature on Ikuze Gensan, a PlayStation Portable title from Irem that pits a kind-hearted carpenter against a dastardly construction company, and they’ve tacked on a couple of screenshots for PSP owners to look at. You can check ’em out below, but first, let’s get the skinny on this side-scrolling title.

As stated earlier, Ikuze Gensan lets players take control of Gensan, a carpenter that’s out to stop a construction company from wreaking more havoc on the streets. As a carpenter, Gensan comes with a huge wooden hammer that he can use to knock some heads in. He can also get different weapons and attacks by changing jobs. The game also features ad-hoc support.

Anyway, here are the screenshots. Please note that screenshots two until five are pretty small. Ikuze Gensan is slated for a Japanese release this Spring, while a North American release has yet to be announced.

Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 1 Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 2 Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 3 Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 4
Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 5 Ikuze Gensan screenshots - Image 6

Via Famitsu

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