Haze gets a release date; new Nectar trailer

Haze from Free Radical Design and Ubisoft; release date, trailer - Image 1Those who took Haze‘s delay to heart, despair no more: Ubisoft has announced that the game will be coming this May 20, and it’s getting a Mature rating. Still can’t wait huh? Well, check out the new trailer in the full article and see if that’ll keep you going for the next three months.

Taking the game out of release date limbo after the announcement of its delay, Ubisoft has finally announced that Haze will hit shelves on May 20, slapped with a Mature rating to boot. The game’s already available for pre-order (get yours by following the link below).

This is good news all around for PlayStation 3 gamers as a release date for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was supposed to have been recently revealed. Get those fingers cracking, folks, it’s going to be a great season.

We’ll keep you posted until the game’s release. To ease the wait, here’s a new trailer for Haze, featuring the controversial Nova-Keto-Thyrazine, or Nectar:

Via Ubishop

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