Haze’s Europe launch date revealed

Ubisoft - Image 1Ubisoft and Free Radical‘s Sony PlayStation 3 prospect  Hazehas finally received a “final” date for its European release. After the delay in 2008’s first quarter, it looks like the devs have put in all the polishing they want for the game, and are on the verge of rolling it out. Details follow in the full article.

Haze - Image 1

Haze has looked like an impressive FPS prospect since the first screens and trailers came out, which explains why a lot of us were disappointed a few weeks back that it was getting delayed. Ubisoft and Free Radical, however, seem to have everything locked this time as they announce the final launch date for the title.

Pointing specifically to Europe, Ubisoft said that Haze will fly off shelves on May 22 this year. Not a bad way to kick off the warmer months considering how much Nectar-snorting butts the game will let you pummel.

We suppose that Free Radical has made the most out of the development extension they were given in order to put out a nicely polished showing. Here’s hoping for the best come the time to put up or shut up.

Via Videogamer

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